ESAW published a new title in December 2016: Ride the Tempest by m r pirie [Mark Pirie].

m r pirie was Mark Pirie’s original writing name in the early 1990s, and the book collects three groups of poems from his uncollected notebook poems during the period 1993-1995 at the ages of 18 to 20.

ESAW publishes his book as an archival edition to complete the publication of Pirie’s early poems. Pirie has been one of ESAW’s most prolific authors over the years since his booklet The Blues was published by ESAW in 2001.

Pirie also took the cover photo of a friend bodyboarding at Mahia Peninsula in early 1992.

Copies can be ordered from the publisher:


Ride the Tempest by m r pirie [Mark Pirie], Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop, Paekakariki, December 2016

 New book information

Title: Ride the Tempest: Uncollected Early Poems 1993-1995

Author: m r pirie [Mark Pirie]

ISBN  978-1-86942-168-7

Price: $25.00

Extent: 66 pages

Format: 148mmx210mm

Publication: December 2016

Publisher: Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop