ESAW publishes the ESAW Poetry Prize anthology

February 6, 2020

A new anthology of the winners of the ESAW Poetry Prize since 2007 has been published by Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop in their relaunched mini series.

Title: The ESAW Poetry Prize: An Anthology of the Winners (No. 36)
Compiler: Mark Pirie
ISBN: 978-1-86942-190-8
Price: $10.00
Extent: 24 pages
Format: A6
Publication: February 2020
Publisher: Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop

Earl Woodcut by Nigel Brown

The Earl of Seacliff (woodcut) by Nigel Brown

About the Book

The ESAW Poetry Prize began in 2007. Its winners have included emerging and established New Zealand poets and has helped to recognize poets outside the mainstream presses and publishing houses. The winners are: Evelyn Conlon 2007, Will Leadbeater 2008, Jill Chan 2009, Robin Fry 2010, Barry Southam 2011, Jeanne Bernhardt 2016, Mary Maringikura Campbell 2017, Bill Dacker 2018 and Jeremy Roberts 2019. The book is compiled by Mark Pirie who helped Dr Michael O’Leary, the Earl of Seacliff, with the selection process for the award mostly presented at Winter Readings in Wellington, 2007-2019. Cover woodcut of the Earl of Seacliff by Nigel Brown.

About the Editor

Mark Pirie is a Wellington poet, editor and publisher. Pirie has published four mini books previously with ESAW, a biography Tom Lawn, Mystery Forward and written or edited a number of poetry collections, including the Winter Readings series and a selection of early poems, Giving Poetry a Bad Name.

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