Michael O’Leary has published a booklet edition of Dr Tony Taylor’s 1964 New Zealand conversations with Beatle John Lennon. See below for book details. Copies can be ordered from Michael direct: pukapuka@paradise.net.nz

New book information

Title: Tony Taylor in Conversation with John Lennon

Authors: Tony Taylor with Michael O’Leary [Lennon poem tribute]

ISBN  978-1-86942-153-3

Price: $25.00

Extent: 40 pages

Format: 148mmx210mm

Publication: February 2015

Publisher: Earl of Seacliff Art Workshop

About the Book

Dr A.J.W. (Tony) Taylor is an Emeritus Professor of Pyschology at Victoria University of Wellington. He was the first professor of clinical psychology in the British Commonwealth, and is the author of over 300 publications, including his memoir Cockney Kid: the Making of an Unconventional Psychologist (Silver Owl Press, 2006). He became interested in the mass hysteria that The Beatles generated, and used the topic in 1964 as a class-exercise to get some facts when the ‘fab-four’ performed in Wellington during the eight-day tour of New Zealand.

Two interviews with Lennon he did in 1964 are in the book.

Curiosity around the 50th anniversary of the visit led him recently to search the journals for results of comparable studies that other psychologists might have made. His foray drew a blank, despite the huge social upheaval The Beatles had caused wherever they went. Disappointment encouraged him to restate the need for others to take up the study of mass-hysteria. Apart from the intrinsic value of the topic in today’s manipulative world, he is still keen to validate his results with those that other researchers might obtain with fans of contemporary musical groups.

Dr Michael O’Leary is a poet, artist and novelist, who, in his 2014 autobiography Die Bibel (ESAW), discussed the effect that The Beatles and particularly John Lennon had on his own decision to become an artist in whatever form that took in his life. After gaining his PhD in literature in 2011 he worked with a number of musicians to transform his poems into songs, thus bringing his writing and artistic career full circle. O’Leary’s poem tribute written after the death of Lennon concludes the book.


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