An interview with Michael O’Leary about the republication of his 1987 novel Out of It as an e-book and his interest in cricket appears on Mark Pirie’s Tingling Catch blog.


I have recently completed a PhD in Gender and Women’s Studies at Victoria University of Wellington and I will graduate on the 18th of May 2011

My thesis is titled: ‘Social and Literary Constraints on Women Writers in  New Zealand1945 to 1970’. It explores the reasons why so few NZ women writers attained literary prominence during the period from the end of WW2 up to the feminist movement of the 1970s. Among other things I explore the writing of Māori women and their particular difficulties with being published. My thesis was supervised by Dr. Alison Laurie and Associate Professor Prue Hyman.

Michael O’Leary’s painting ‘The Dark Lords of Pukerua’ depicting Alistair Campbell and Te Rauparaha at Kapiti featured in the recent Alistair Te Ariki Campbell Exhibition at Pataka Museum’s Bottle Creek Community Gallery in Porirua, April 14-May 1, 2011. A stanza from O’Leary’s poem ‘Meeting with Te Rauparaha’ (published in his 2005 HeadworX collection Make Love and War) is also incorporated in the bottom right of the painting.

Michael was invited by co-curators Mary Campbell and Peter Coates to do an artwork specially for the exhibition.